Business Meetings are not a game

They cost real money!

Business meetings can feel like they often don’t hit the mark on what they are supposed to achieve. We have all endured meetings that run over their time, meetings without outcomes, meetings with the wrong or missing key attendees and meeting leaders that put us to sleep. Add to this the frequency of meetings and they become a big business expense.

Lack of meeting etiquette, poor planning and unstated goals are just a few of the many reasons why so many business meetings fail. However, well run meetings achieve stated goals, break down the barriers of silos and ensure that all responsible constituents are on the same page.

When I launched my coaching practice several years ago most of my clients complained that, among other things, they were losing valuable time in business meetings. There had to be a better way to bring people together to effectively transfer information and get things done. My work became providing that better way – on site – real time.

I believe that through Preparation, Focus and Support we can transform that typical mundane ineffective business meeting to a highly productive and beneficial experience. I’ve seen it happen in real time. You can too!

Let me help!

I’m Brian Dunn, The Meeting Coach

Throughout my years in business I noticed how often people would get blind-sided in business meetings. They often arrived unprepared, spent more time than they expected and end up leaving with more work than they had before. I have heard stories from colleagues and clients of work being piled on them in one meeting then having to run to attend another. Back to back scheduling, remote teams, poorly informed attendees and disengaged participants are just a few of the issues plaguing business meetings. However, I have attended a few good business meetings in the past and I wondered what it was that set them apart? Intrigued, I began collecting the elements of a successful business meeting. Soon I was coaching internally to team members on how to run better meetings and offering to facilitate meetings for other departments. Once while wrapping up meeting one of my colleagues said;  “See you later Meeting Coach!” I have been providing meeting facilitation services ever since.

The Meeting Coach is more than a name, it is a unique facilitation service designed to help businesses make the most of these formal interactions. Regardless of your meeting, if you want to improve the outcomes you need The Meeting Coach.

Certified Coach. MBTI, Disc, Strong Campbell, Birkman certified

Meeting Facilitation Pricing

Meetings can take many forms and have varied levels of detail. In order to keep things simple, we offer two general facilitation packages. Each of these can be customized to meet your needs.

60 – 12 Minute General Meeting:  $ 1,500

  • Prep call
  • Outcomes defined
  • Communication Review
  • Follow up and Outcomes documentation
  • Post meeting review

2-Day Team Offsite $6,500

  • Prep call
  • Outcomes defined
  • Create Offsite Plan
  • Draft Communication
  • Communication Review Meeting
  • Manage Offsite Logistics
  • Create, collect and organize Offsite materials
  • Follow up and Outcomes documentation
  • Post meeting review

Company-wide or Large Team Retreat (Custom Pricing)

Facilitating meetings is a lot of work. Let me help you!

My Certifications

DiSC Certified
Strong Campbell Certified
TKI Certified
MBTI Certified
Birkman Certified