Get Stuff Done!

The PiVi Goals Achievement App makes traditional ToDo Lists obsolete. Align your Goals with your Tasks then use the Interactive Dashboard to achieve more, faster!

Achieve more faster with PiVi!
Most of us create our Goals at one time and our ToDo Lists at another. The two exists separately. As a result we get a lot of our ToDo’s done without moving forward on our Goals. PiVI aligns Goals with ToDo’s diaplaying an interactive dashboard that puts useful information at your fingertips.

PiVi organizes your Tasks in 4 unique “Zones”

Blue Zone (CONTROL)
Tasks that mostly advance the goals of other people above yours.
Geen Zone (GROW)
Tasks that advance both your goals and the goals of other people.
Orange Zone (WATCH)
Tasks that advance your goals more than the goals of other people.
Red Zone (REDUCE)
Tasks that don’t advance your goals much or the goals of othersbut still need to be done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create reminders?
– Tap the Menu button
– Tap Schedules
– Tap the Plus sign
– Tap Sync task to Google Calendar
– Follow the prompts to complete the sync
Do I need an internet connection to view Dashboards?

Absolutely! PiVi-It works on-line by default. No internet connection required.
– Tasks and Goals can be updated even when an internet connection is not available. There is no user action required.

How do I change Task colors on the Schedule?
– Currently Task colors are assigned inside PiVi.
– Customizing Tasks colors is in future development.
How do I change my Password?

– Tap the Menu button
– Tap Settings
– Tap Change Password

Can I share my Dashboard with others?
– Currently your dashboard is only available to you.
– Sharing Dashboards cross platforms is in future development.
How do I get additional support?
– For additional questions and support email