Serving Government Agencies 

Local Government agencies are always looking for ways to enhance the skills of their leaders and supervisory teams. Leadership Development expands the capacity of individuals to perform key strategic roles within and across departments. Our programs help middle and top level staff improve key skills that enhance productivity, reduce silo behavior and improve customer service.

Leadership Innovation Academy
  • ⇒  Understanding Your Birkman Personality Style
  • ⇒  Achieving Business Goals
  • ⇒  The Birkman Method and Developing EQ
  • ⇒  Coaching for Performance using Birkman Components
  • ⇒  Creating Highly Effective Teams
  • ⇒  Providing Strategic Visions
  • ⇒  Presentation Skills
  • ⇒  Essentials of Effective Meetings
  • ⇒  Effective Communication Skills Using The Birkman
  • ⇒  Professional Interactions Across Generations
  • ⇒  Conflict Management using the TKI