Executive Coaching

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps executives produce extraordinary results in the workplace. The Coach helps individuals bridge the gap between where they are now – the Current State – to where they want to be – the Desired State through introspection and guided conversations. The purpose of the coaching relationship, among other things, is to give the client clarity around developmental options, provide accountability and assist in achieving goals.

Executive Coaching helps professionals

  • Achieve individual success
  • Improve their leadership skills
  • Positively affect team performance.

Clients engage in self-directed individualized leadership development through targeted interventions and regularly scheduled coaching meetings. Standardized assessments are combined with regular connections to foster growth around professional values, individual strengths, emotional intelligence and internal business opportunities. Through this customized leadership development experience, together we raise the bar on individual performance, while creating an environment for organizational success.

Coaching Specialties

Leadership Presence

Learn how to own the room….every room!

Performance Feedback

Performance feedback from colleagues and supervisors

Managing Work Pressures

Managing increasing work pressures and heavy work loads

Building a Platform for Growth

Building a platform for professional growth and change

Success Skills

Identifying the correct skills to develop for success

Leadership Strengths

Developing leadership strengths and taking advantage of professional opportunities

Career Planning

Long range planning; career, personal development, professional education

Leadership Opportunities

Transforming corporate experiences into leadership development opportunities

Leadership Communication

Becoming a more effective communicator

Effectively Managing Change

Obtain the tools to become an influencer and change agent.

My Background

I am a trained Psychometrician and Executive Coach located in the NYC area. I use standardized assessments like The Birkman, the MBTI, DiSC and Strong Campbell to provide my coaching clients deep understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, interests and desires. Relying on these interpretive reports, I direct my clients towards the best use of their skills and abilities so that they can take advantage of opportunities presented to them. Leveraging a strong business acumen, leadership presence, executive coaching protocols and refined interviewing skills I deliver solutions to my executive clients that help them advance or achieve mastery in their career.

I have been coaching executives and managers for over 20 years and have worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, non-profit businesses and education systems. Unique to my work is a proprietary web-based goals achievement tool, PiVI Personal. My clients use this app to track their progress towards achieving their goals. (PiVI is currently available for Android devices.)

Though based in New York City I make the best use of technology to maintain contact with my clients. I am currently the  co-chairperson of the Principals Leadership Development Program at the FIU Center for Leadership and the sole content provider of soft skills programs for Canada based WebAge Solutions, Inc. Through this partnership I developed the “Soft Skills Bootcamp for Architects” a program grounded in leadership competencies but specifically designed for technologists. Recently we launched “Leading in the Digital Environment”, a two day class focused on assisting business leaders shepherd Digital Transformations in their companies.