The housing crash and economic downturn of 2008 has forced many people to stay in jobs they otherwise might have left. Either poor economy of the last 6 years or just bad luck has made many people feel stuck in jobs that they hate. I’ve spoken to many people who feel like their job doesn’t tap into their skills, abilities and interests. If you feel the same way then you’re probably not very motivated at work. The problem is that we need our jobs to sustain the lifestyle that we are living now. Even though it might be less than you want to live it is what you have at the moment. So at least in the short term you have to find ways to get motivated at work.

With the lazy days of summer in full swing you may find yourself even less motivated than ever to be a rockstar on the job. You don’t have to endure an entire summer being miserable. Try these 5 techniques to bring help you through your workday.

  1. Take Lunch!

If you want to be more motivated at work, take a break from work. Use your lunch hour to refresh and recharge. Take a walk in the sunshine, read a magazine in the lunchroom or call a friend to plan to meet for happy hour after work.

  1. Don’t Look For Another Job This Summer.

According to Career Sidekick June, July and August are not the best months to be looking for a new job. You’re better off enjoying the summer months then picking up your job search in September.

  1. Schedule Your Fun In The Sun Activities.

I recently worked with a client who was feeling overwhelmed. Part of his issue was that all he could see in front of him was work, work and more work. I had him look at his entire summer and plan for something exciting to do with his family or by himself each weekend. The planning process alone made him more motivated at work. The summer is only three months long and if you’re not careful it can blow right by you. So plan out your summer enjoyment because come September you’ll be looking for a new job!

  1. Commit More Time To Your Goals.

One way to make work more palatable is to get going in your goals. At the beginning of each week review your goals and choose one to focus on. Choose 2-3 tasks to work on each day. Remember, when you’re working on your goals you’re automatically in a better mood. Accomplishing these goals can spark you to work on you job goals as well.

  1. Reward Yourself.

Some days are better than others, some weeks are better than others and some days minute by minute can be painful. If you have one of those jobs that makes you wanna stick a pencil in your eye try creating a weekly rewards system to carry you through those painful days at work.

Try out these 5 motivators and you’ll have an easier time at work. I’ll check back in on you in a couple of weeks.